The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world in significant ways.

The impact of these changes is unfolding before our eyes and churches do not have the luxury of waiting to see what emerges before we adapt. Many Church leaders are dealing with high levels of anxiety and uncertainty. We haven’t been trained for this situation.

But there is hope.

The pandemic is a kairos for the global Church—an opportunity to reinvent ourselves, reignite our passion for ministry, and reconnect with the people around us.

A New Church for a New World
A Six-Module Journey to Thriving in a Pandemic-Altered World

Here’s what the A NEW CHURCH FOR A NEW WORLD COURSE has in store for you!

 In the six modules of the A New Church for a New World course, you will be exploring almost every aspect of your community’s life. You will be able to identify how the changes in the world are impacting your community. And you will be given the tools to imagine a new way of expressing your community’s core values, priorities, and purposes.

The A New Church for a New World Course is a video-based, self study course which means you can access it whenever it suits you and go at your own pace.

Every module includes:

● Video instruction (which can be watched online or downloaded),
● A PDF worksheet to help you apply the content to your own context, 
● PDF of the slides used in the presentation.

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The six modules are shaped around the following six themes:

MODULE 1: Coming to Grips with the New World
To build a strategy for navigating the new world, we first need to grasp the changes that have happened and how they affect us. Then we need to work through false hopes, unlikely predictions, and our own fears so that we can discern more carefully what is required. Finally, we need to embrace the paradigm shifts and new ways of being that will be needed to thrive in the future. This module is designed to provide these insights. It will help you to observe your own community and country more carefully, think more critically, and dream more creatively as you work with your team to discern what is needed in your specific situation.

MODULE 2: A New Worshipping Community
Identify principles and best practices for worship, both online and in-person. Identify the challenges and benefits of developing an intentional, creative online worship strategy and ensure that your ministry remains sustainable for the long haul. Choose the technology that is right for you and master it so that your worship, online and in-person, is enhanced and not hindered by your technology.

MODULE 3: A New Caring Community
Identify the purposes and characteristics of authentic community and learn to nurture those qualities in your own church. Overcome the challenges of traditional models of care, develop new, sustainable strategies to care for your community, and ensure that members can find the support and help they need in their times of crisis.

MODULE 4: A New Growing Community
Develop a clear and actionable definition of discipleship and identify how life change actually happens. Identify how the new, online world is informing and shaping the faith of our communities, and develop meaningful processes of discipleship, teaching, and transformation both online and offline.

MODULE 5: A New Serving Community
Reimagine what it means to be a serving church and learn how to draw your congregation into the serving ministries of your community. Explore new ways of thinking about mission, evangelism, and outreach, and develop the priorities that your community needs to embrace as you reach out to your neighbourhood.

MODULE 6: A New Way of Sustaining Community
Manage your energy and that of your volunteers to ensure the sustainability of your ministries. Identify new ways to support your church financially and identify the technologies and platforms that can streamline your systems and structures and increase your income.

Thanks so much for this course. It has been a great blessing to me and as we implement the information practically, I have no doubt that it will be a blessing to the work that God is doing in our church.

Rev. Jill Buhr

John provided an insightful look at ‘Church’ now and in our post-COVID future, giving us an opportunity for self analysis and creative thinking. It was a thought provoking and challenging six week journey.


A New Church for a New World has been wonderfully helpful. Praise God that there are creative people in the world like you to generate materials that people like me can use to enrich our ministries.

Rev. Dr. Ritva H. Williams