Public Prayer is the forgotten gift
that transforms worship from an entertaining experience
to a divine encounter.

The last few years have been challenging for the Church. Across the world, churches are asking themselves how they can recapture the depth of community, worship, and discipleship they once had. In response, many are looking at how they can renew their music and preaching to bring back worshippers, restore their previous passion, and reach new people. 

But few are even considering the impact their public prayers can have.

In many congregations, prayer in worship is little more than a worship leader's personal devotion put on public show. And few communities ever hear prayers that aren't either intercession or repetitive thanksgiving. We are in danger of losing the rich and varied pallet of prayer practices that can connect our worship with our lives and inspire us to a deeper connection with God, ourselves, others, and the world.

But, when a community is fully present and engaged in praying together, the impact on the community can be profound. And then the impact of that community on their neighbourhood or city can be miraculously transforming.
Now is the time to give public prayer the attention, energy, and creativity it deserves.

Now is the time to give public prayer the attention, energy, and creativity it deserves.


Praying in Public
The Craft of Leading the Church in Prayer

A Three-Session Mini-Course that will transform how you pray in worship
into an engaging, surprising, exciting, interactive, and life-changing experience for your community

Here’s what the PRAYING IN PUBLIC course has in store for you!

In the three sessions of the Praying in Public course, you will get a fresh vision of prayer and the role it plays in your worship. You will explore different kinds of prayer and different ways of praying that will connect your prayers with the lives of your people while drawing them into the prayer experience as participants not spectators.

In three concise and explosive sessions you will get everything you need to develop an intentional public prayer strategy and grow your prayer ministry for years to come: 

SESSION 1: The Nature of Prayer
Deepen your understanding of prayer and learn to recognise the difference between personal and public prayer. Identify the roles of public prayer in worship and learn how to pray well so that your prayers catch the attention and hearts of your people and draw them into a deeper worship experience.

SESSION 2: So Many Prayers
Identify the different kinds of prayer that ensure your worship connects with all the joys and sorrows of your peoples' lives. And discover the wealth of different ways to 'package' your prayers so they capture the hearts and minds of your people and turn them into participants in, and contributors to, the prayer life of your community.

SESSION 3: Crafting Prayers
Learn the principles of crafting engaging and meaningful public prayers that knit the different elements and movements of worship together into a transforming journey each week. And discover how to facilitate participative prayer practices that give your people a voice in your church's worship.

My congregation in Guernsey wanted me to send my thanks to your for your prayer course. They loved it!!
They were moved to start some work in adapting worship and get more involved.
So just a massive thumbs up for your work!

Rev Justin Taylor