There are plenty of reasons to feel anxious at this point in human history. There is no shortage of justifications for choosing the most expedient courses of action, accumulating as much excess as we can, and exploiting others and the Earth’s natural resources to ensure that we are as safe and comfortable as we can be. We all know the siren call of these temptations. They are the foundation of most of our global culture and it can be hard to resist them when we are constantly being told that they are the only way to find a good life.

But every one of the great challenges facing our world at this time can be traced back to these temptations. The widening gap between the rich and the poor, the climate crisis, the polarisation and conflict in so many parts of the globe, the cost-of-living crisis, the breakdown of our relationships and our growing sense of isolation from one another can all be linked with our tendency to choose quick fixes, self-protection, pain avoidance, thoughtless consumption of fossil fuels and natural resources, and our exploitation of others for our personal benefit.

So, what difference can observing a season like Lent make to these overwhelming struggles?

What solutions can the Lenten journey offer us? How can the Lenten disciplines lead us into the necessary changes—personally and collectively—that can begin to reverse the self-destructive trajectory that humanity is now on?

As naïve as it may sound, I believe that Lent, with its intentional practice of the disciplines of authenticity through prayer, generosity through giving, and simplicity through fasting is able to provide us with a guide to a healthier, more sustainable way of being. And, while we may not be able to change the world, Lent can show us how, by making small changes in our personal and collective attitudes and actions, we can make a meaningful contribution to changing our world.

And that’s why I am so thrilled to introduce you to this new Liturgical Guide for Lent from Sacredise:

The Simple Way

How simplicity can save us and our world

Based on the Lectionary readings for Year B from the Hebrew Scriptures and the Gospels, The Simple Way reveals the wisdom of Jesus’ way of simplicity and how the Lenten disciplines of prayer (which teaches us authenticity), giving (which teaches us generosity), and fasting (which teaches us simplicity) can lead us into a more meaningful, sustainable, and life-giving way of being.

The Simple Way is a guide for worship and daily devotion and a manual for learning to live simply and justly in our daily routines. It explains the meaning and power of the Lenten journey and the disciplines that accompany it. And it gives practical guidelines for aligning our lives with the values and priorities of God’s reign. This means that it is both a perfect preparation for the Holy Week and Easter celebrations to come and a transforming companion for the Lenten journey with Jesus through the wilderness of temptation.  

THE SIMPLE WAY is available in three options:

Liturgical Guide includes:
● Purpose written prayers and liturgies for Ash Wednesday and all Sundays of the Lenten season;
● Sermon starter chapters for every service of the series;
● Gathering, Responding, and Integrating liturgies for all services in the series;
● A theme-based Table Liturgy that can be used at any service;
● Theme-based graphics for your projection software, including welcome screens and backgrounds for song lyrics, liturgies, and sermon notes.

Devotional Guide includes:
● Preparing, responding, and integrating practices for every day to help you enter into your devotional practice as deeply and mindfully as possible;
● Copies of the Sermon Starters for each service for easy reference while doing your daily practice;
● Daily reflection questions to enable you to listen more deeply to the message of the Scriptures and apply it to your life and relationships.
Bundle includes:
Designed for communities that want to journey together, while also providing a meaningful personal journey for congregation members, the Bundle includes both the Liturgical and the Devotional Guides. It also includes a license to share the devotional guides through any or all of the following channels: 
Printed handouts to distribute to congregation members; 
Digital copies sent to members via email;
Posted on your church's social media channels;
Posted on your church's website.


includes the following chapters:

Ash Wednesday: A Simple Call
Now, as we enter Lent, we have an opportunity to follow Jesus’ example of turning away from the noise of all the calls for our allegiance in our society and listening for God’s small, still, simple invitation—to embrace the reign of God and the way of simplicity, not just for our own sakes, but for the sake of our global society and the Earth which is our home.

Lent 1B: A Not-So-Simple Challenge
If we want a different world, one of justice, love, and sustainability, then we need to follow Jesus into the wilderness. We need to face our temptations and, through prayer, communing with nature, and simplicity we need to conquer them, opt out of the play-actors’ game, and gamble on living as our authentic, generous, and simple selves.

Lent 2B: A Simple Cost
To take up the cross in our time is to reject the abnormal normality of our society and of consumer Christianity and choose the less luxurious and comfortable, but more sustainable and healthy, way of Jesus—the way of simplicity, generosity, and authenticity. It means resisting the voices that tell us we don’t have to care for our planet, that happiness is found in more stuff, and that we can avoid the cost of living fully, authentically, and courageously. 

Lent 3B: A Simple Courage
In our world of consumerism, materialism, individualism, and disregard for the marginalised and the Earth, those who embrace the way of simplicity are imaginal cells calling our world to a new way of being. It takes courage to be different but almost every person who has a significant role in the Scriptures was a misfit or a maverick.

Lent 4B: A Simple Choice
As we meditate through the Lenten season on Jesus’ way of simplicity, authenticity, and generosity, we have a simple choice to make. Will we give in to our despair and allow the world’s challenges to overwhelm and paralyse us? Or will we lift our eyes above the problems and allow the way of Christ and the mission of God’s reign to guide us, teach us, and empower us to make a positive difference?

Lent 5B: A Simple Creativity
Simplicity may seem to outside observers to be dry, ascetic, and depressing, but nothing could be further from the truth. Simplicity is not about going without and it’s not about austerity. It is creative, life-giving, flexible, and resourceful. When we consider the challenges of living simply in a complex, individualistic, polarised, and materialistic world, we cannot avoid the call to simple creativity.