We all worship something or someone.

   We all live by liturgies even if we’re not aware of them or if we’ve never set foot in a church. And the liturgies by which we live shape who we are, what we believe, and how we relate to the people around us. Most of us long for a world of compassion and justice. But we have the world we have because we live the way live. And we live the way we live because we worship the way we worship.

Because our worship defines our lives and creates our world.

Most of us come to worship with a deep longing to encounter and express our love for God. But the way we practice worship has been influenced by the liturgies (the stories, language, symbols, and practices) of our society and culture more than by the reign of God. Our worship is not making us more like Christ and we—and our world—are paying the price.

We need to recover the timeless principles and practices that make our worship world-changing.
And that’s what the new 
World-Changing Worship course from Sacredise seeks to do!


NOTE: The course runs live every Wednesday from 19 June to 24 July.
All sessions are recorded and available after the live classes.
You can sign up anytime and work through the material at your own convenience.
Registered students are also able to download the video recordings to share within their churches.

This six-week course can be experienced live or as a self-study video journey. It explores the timeless and fundamental principles of what worship is and why it matters. And it offers clear and practical guidelines for using our rich heritage of practices to craft worship that is both deep and inspiring. But, perhaps most important of all, it shows how we can connect what we do in worship with the realities of our daily lives.

Every session includes:

●  Live Zoom training (which is recorded and available on video);
●  A PDF worksheet to help you apply the content to your own context;
●  A PDF of the slides used in the presentation.

Get World-Changing Worship for just $95
(Includes sharing the videos and content within your congregation at no extra charge) 

When you sign up, you can choose to try the first session for FREE before committing to the whole course!

The Six Sessions will cover the following themes:

SESSION 1: The Mystical Framework
The mystical purpose of worship is to lead us into an intimate union with God that transforms us into people who embody the vision and values of Christ. This session explores how worship facilitates this union and shapes us to express God’s reign through five life-changing and world-changing transformations.

SESSION 2: The Mystical Framework in Lectionary and Liturgy
Through the ages, spiritual seekers have discovered practices that enable human beings to express and experience union with God. The best of these have stood the test of time, but are flexible enough to be adapted and reinterpreted in every age and culture. For Christians these practices integrate beautifully into the Revised Common Lectionary, the Liturgical Calendar, and the weekly liturgy to give us everything we need for our worship to be life-giving and transforming.

SESSION 3: Liturgy and Spiritual Transformation (Part 1)
Transformation does not happen by accident. Studies in neuroscience, spirituality, and ritual theory have given us a good picture of how transformation works. This session explores the external principles and practices that enable us to embrace the four transforming elements and the five transforming stories of worship—and enter into the process of transformation regularly and deliberately.

SESSION 4: Liturgy and Spiritual Transformation (Part 2)
Continuing on from Session 3, this session explores the internal journey of transformation and how intentional and careful liturgy facilitates this journey in a safe and meaningful way. It explores our quest to become our best selves in our best lives, and what needs to happen for worship to lead us into the life and world we seek.

SESSION 5: The Four Dimensions of Worship
This session brings together the principles, practices, and process of the previous four sessions and offers clear guidelines for how to ‘package’ liturgy in the most meaningful and transforming way for different groups of people. It gives helpful distinctions between key foundational elements and creative, customisable aspects of worship. And it explores the six different ‘liturgical languages’ that are spoken in all worshipping communities.

SESSION 6: Creating The Journey
The final session of this course invites you to bring all your learning together into a practical experience of preparing a transforming worship journey for your own congregation. You will also be given the tools to ensure that you can facilitate the worship journey in the most effective and helpful way for your people.
World-Changing Worship is taught by John van de Laar and condenses over forty years of learning, training, and liturgical leadership into this foundational, practical, and inspiring package. 

Get World-Changing Worship for just $95
(Includes sharing the videos and content within your congregation at no extra charge) 

When you sign up, you can choose to try the first session for FREE before committing to the whole course!